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Updated: 06/30/2024 @ 11:47AM


FULL DAY FLUKE TRIPS 7AM - 4PM $130 per Angler *$134 creditcard price. Limited To 45 Anglers by reservation, please see our 45 angler spot diagram. Rod rentals are available. 7AM - 4PM Fluke Trips Run Everyday Except For 12 Hour Wonderworld & Beyond Dates listed below.

WONDERWORLD & BEYOND 12 HOUR FLUKE TRIPS 6AM - 6PM. $195 per Angler *$201 creditcard price. Limited To 30 Anglers by reservation, please see our 30 angler spot diagram. NO ROD RENTALS.

Wonderworld & Beyond ~ JULY 5, 11, 12, 17, 19, 23, 26, 29

Wonderworld & Beyond ~ AUGUST 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 13, 16, 20, 21, 23, 27, 29, 30

Wonderworld & Beyond ~ SEPTEMBER 2, 4, 6, 12, 13


*As of July 1st - Due to the rising processing costs, credit card transactions will cost more. Cash prices will stay the same.

For All reservations call us #631-668-1545

Reservations can only be made by calling us directly and are held with your credit card information. If you are a no-show your credit card will be charged. So if you have to cancel you must call us at least 24 hours prior to the trip so you are not charged & we can try to give your spot to another angler. Cash, Visa, MasterCard, & Discover accepted. Gift Certificates are available, please give us a call for more info #631-668-1545. If you would like to book a private fishing charter or Sunset Cruise please give us a call for more info.


We fish for Fluke throughout the Summer months starting when the season opens in May. We offer Full Day Fluke trips 7am - 4pm & Extended Full Day Fluke trips 6am - 6pm. Both trips are your best bet to catch your Doormat Fluke & fill your cooler with these flatties. We target Fluke every day the NYS Fluke season is open. We provide Spearing & Squid strips for Fluke bait. A plain hook works fine, some anglers like to bring their own teasers, Spros, or Gulp. All trips are limited anglers for extra comfort, please call us for your reservation, we do not do reservations online.

The clean ocean waters around Montauk are full of life. Although we target Fluke during the summer season you will also see other species caught on your Fluke rig, such as SeaBass, Porgy, Triggers, & Striped Bass. You can keep them as well, as long as they are caught during their open season.

New York State DEC Fluke Regulations 2024 ~ Open Season May 4th - August 1st Minimum size 19 inches & August 2nd -  October 15th Minimum size 19.5 inches. Bag Limit 3


Black Sea Bass

We fish for Black SeaBass starting in the summer months through their season ending in December. Usually a high - low rig is used and teasers or grubs can be added. Jig rigs also work well. During the summer months we catch SeaBass on Fluke rigs with spearing & squid while Fluke fishing. When we target them in the Fall months and follow them into the deeper water we use clams for bait. When fishing for SeaBass in the Fall you can usually expect a nice combo trip, filling your cooler with a variety of fish.

New York State DEC Sea Bass Regulations 2024 ~ 16.5 inch minimum size ~ Open Season June 23rd Bag Limit 3 ~ September 1st Bag Limit 6 ~ Season Ends December 31st.


Striped Bass

Many anglers come to Montauk to fish for Striped Bass around Montauk Point. During the day Diamond Jigs are usually used, normally a 6 or 8 ounce will do the trick. You can bring your own jig or we sell them onboard. When we are Night Striped Bass Fishing eels or clams are used. We fish for  Stripers in the fall months or you can charter us to target them during the summer for the evening / night bite to catch your Cow.

New York State DEC Striped Bass Regulations 2024 ~  Open Season April 15th - December 15th, Slot size 28" - 31"  Bag Limit 1


Cod Fish

During the Fall and Winter months we fish for Cod. In the Fall months Cod is mixed in our Full Day Fall Bottom Fishing Trips. In the Winter Cod trips are normally 5am - 4pm and are Limited. We fish in places like South West of Block Island, Coxes Ledge, and Wrecks. Clams are used for bait, sometimes anglers like to put teasers or grubs on the hooks too. Jigs can also be productive at the right time. Winter Cod trips are Limited and require a Reservation.

New York State DEC Regulations 2024 ~ Open Season All Year. Minimum size 21 inches. Bag Limit 10


Black Fish (Tautog)

Usually starting early-late Fall we fish for Black Fish (Tautog.) We provide crabs for bait, most commonly Green crab, but White crabs are also used. Since BlackFish are a Fall fishery, you can usually expect a nice combo trip, filling your cooler with a variety of fish.

New York State DEC Regulations 2024 ~ Open Season April 1 - April 30, Minimum size 16 inches, Bag Limit 2 ~ ALSO ~ October 15 - December 22, Minimum size 16 inches, Bag Limit 4



Porgy Fishing is fun for everyone & the easiest fishery for the beginner angler. Porgy have commonly been called little porkchops, but more often are being referred to as dinner plate size Porgys - they are getting bigger every year! Clams are used for bait usually on a high - low rig, sometimes with a red or yellow bead. We catch Porgy in the Fall on our combo trips, but if you're looking for a fun Summer evening private charter for the whole family, Porgy is your best bet. When fishing for Porgy in the Fall you can usually expect a nice combo trip, filling your cooler with a variety of fish.

New York State DEC Regulations 2024 ~ Minimum size 11 inches. Open Season May 1st - December 31st. Bag Limit 30 except for September 1st - October 31st when the Bag Limit is increased to 40.



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